1. To assist /guide the members of the association in all legal aspects governing the business of manufacturing & trading water treatment equipments and meet the government officials to know the developments and changes related to the trade if any and represent on behalf of the member
  2. To assist the manufacturers and traders to procure genuine spare parts, accessories at reasonable prices and develop a data bank of suppliers in order to help members to have easy and ready access of supplier details
  3. To get a workable reasonable rates in the tender , contracts, work orders etc floated by Government and Private Agencies.
  4. To establish , maintain and offer facilities to the members of the association to run the business smoothly and to promote goodwill, pleasant, social, gracious and courteous feelings among the members.
  5. To promote and encourage a friendly relationship between the business community and Govt. of India
  6. To publish, print, sell and distribute or aid financially and otherwise in the publishing, printing, selling and distribution of books, essays, leaflets, articles, periodicals, and all other kind of of publications related to water treatment equipments for the interest of the members and public at
  7. To help the manufacturers & traders in solving the disputes among themselves or between the Government and manufacturers & traders
  8. To collect and disseminate statistical and other information and make efforts for the spread of commercial and economic knowledge for the benefit of members and public at large
  9. To organize seminars, workshops, exihibitions if required in order to share knowledge to develop the business of the members of the association and to educate the public at large of the utility of the various products manufactured & traded by the business community
  10. To organize , establish and run welfare & social service activities and medical relief camps and to establish run, manage blood bank, free hospitals and dispensaries and to carry out activities of general social interest to the members of the association and public at large and also maintain and pay panels of medical men for giving free treatment to the needy, or for giving service to the public in general.
  11. To offer prizes, awards, scholarships, stipends and to give grants with a view to furthering the aim and objectives of the association or for advancement of education.
  12. To establish trade centers, other units under the association and to open branch offices/franchises at various zones, units, chapters as it may think fit
  13. To employ and hire secretaries, managers, clerks, servants, professionals persons and workmen for running the various activities of the association and to pay and remunerate them for services
  14. To undertake welfare activities for the benefit of Manufacturers & Traders and their family and for the general public at large and set up family recreation centers.
  15. To engage in educational activities if it is so required..
  16. To the extent possible to provide aids such as scholarships and other materials to the school children and to promote cultural and artistic talents of the children and youth especially for the poor and below poverty line.
  17. To give financial support in the form of short term loans to the members
  18. To acquire, receive and hold land and other movable and immovable properties.
  19. To provide all other help and assistance to the members in order to develop a long lasting, stable, continuous, forthcoming , fruitful relations and among the members, government & semi government it officials and the general public.